Boaz Restaurants is one of four directory sites in Marshall County owned and operated by Seibro, Inc.  It is our intention to help local restaurants harness the potential of the internet for bringing new customers in their doors.  More and more people today are using their computers and hand held devices to get information about their favorite places to eat and shop.  These directories give them a one stop shop to find the restaurants they are looking for, find out news about them and new specials and even coupons for their favorites.  You can even write reviews about your experiences and let everyone in cyber space know about your great experiences and even your not so great ones!

What can I say?  I love restaurants!  I love to cook and spend time in the kitchen!  In the 90’s I spent about 8 years in the restaurant business.  In the heyday of Quincy’s Steakhouse I was General Manager of the number one restaurant in the company at the time in Huntsville, AL.  The eighty hour work weeks got the best of me I must say!  That’s right!  That is not a misprint, 80 hour weeks!  I was with Quincy’s during the introduction of the “Country Sideboard”!  This was the beginning of yeast rolls and long buffet bars!  For me it meant starting my days at 6:00 am and sometimes not ending until midnight!  As the General Manger, that meant that if the dishwasher did not show up I was the dishwasher, if the meat cutter did not show I was the meat cutter, if the cook didn’t show, well you get the picture!  I have done it all in a restaurant!

So that means I know a few things about what it takes to operate a restaurant!  I know about food cost, payroll, P & L statements and employee turnover!  In one year I interviewed, hired and trained over 200 new employees to maintain a staff of 50!

I love the restaurant business I just don’t love the longs hours!  I still love to get in the kitchen and prepare my own meals and I keep everything neat and tidy as I go and when I am finished everything is clean!

I am well beyond the days of holding up for 6:00 am to midnight shifts but I still love restaurants, so I came up with a way that I could still be involved with restaurants and enjoy it!  Through the parent business of Seibro, Inc.,  we worked to develop what we think will be a real help to every restaurant in Marshall County, the restaurant directory websites:,, and!  With these sites we plan to provide every restaurant with an all in one place location to get your message out to your customers!  Using the base of the World Wide Web these directories provide all local restaurants a “personal place in cyber space”!

The directories allow restaurants to list all the details about your business, as well as news, menus, coupons, pictures and videos!  This promotional content will be available 7 days a week 24 hours a day, constantly telling the story you want to get to your customers and in turn bring more customers in your doors!

Free Basic listings are available to every restaurant, but the value of the paid listings is immeasurable!  Your restaurant can be featured in pictures or in your own words or in video!  You may add any of the multiple features like menus, coupons, banner ads, premium front page ads, etc.

What I consider to be the most important features however is the “open source” nature of the project!  What do I mean by “open source”?  That means that you, the user have input into the system!  And that goes for customers as well!  As a member restaurant you can sign in and add your own content if you choose to! As simply a viewer or fan of the restaurants you also have input!  You can enter reviews and rate your favorite restaurants and you are invited not only to tell about your experiences in reviews there is also an article contribution feature that allows you to submit entire articles about any restaurant subject you choose and we will post them for all to see(Must be reviewed for content appropriateness)!  In addition you can suggest features and improvements that should be added to the overall program and any and all that can be implemented will be implemented!

We are glad you found us!  Enjoy your stay and tell your friends about us!

If you are a restaurant in the Boaz area and want to be a part of one of these directories just give us a call at (866) 925-8062 and we will help you get started or you can add your restaurant yourself by clicking the Add Place link at the top right corner of this page!  Either way we will be happy to part of your marketing team and help bring more customers into your restaurant!


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